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A Catchy Title!

Impatiently fumbling my way toward making my website less terrible, since, after all, I paid for a domain name. (File under Thoughts: I should pay someone to do this for me already...) My husband will be thrilled to know I've decided to pursue a different outlet for my endless rambling about my third book (due out next April), so, in the end, I'm calling this blog worthwhile, even though I'm certain nobody will read it. This is truly the story that has it all: labyrinthine Edwardian architecture! A woman on the run from a dangerous secret she doesn't even remember! Pentecostal snake handling! And yes, always, a love story. One of my favorite songwriters once described herself as essentially an indie writer who nevertheless loves a big soaring pop chorus and, from the bottom of my heart, same here. Above, a snapshot of the real! live! place! that inspired the setting, which, if you haven't been there, you absolutely wouldn't believe it's real. More on that later, I guess, though. There's another, unfinished manuscript to work on, with a deadline fast approaching. --K

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