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The Woman in the Water

Well, this little monstrosity is officially on preorder. Here is how I would describe it: Taylor Swift's "'tis the damn season" as a Gothic mystery, with a prickly, unreliable narrator who can't stop sleepwalking. And there is a swamp--that's important. I've written two books in the last year and I have a head cold, so I'm pretty much out of words now that it's time to, like, talk about the book.

So, here's a quick look:

"But it was no human voice that called to me that night—no human hand that tugged on my own, down into dark water that looked bottomless. What I didn’t know then was that it was also a signal, a warning, of the end of that dream I was living in. That the next few months would see every last person I trusted give up on me, until there were none left, even the boy I loved, who I was certain loved me back. But those breaking points, I learned, were moments of truth, not anomalies. Nobody ever turned on me who hadn’t already seen me as deceitful, unbalanced, a cautionary tale for other people’s children: in other words, a teenage girl from the wrong part of town."

Available to preorder from the usual suspects:

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