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Praise for Before You Go

Heartbreaking, poignant, and emotional, BEFORE YOU GO is a compelling page-turner about second chances, learning to trust, and finding your way home. Kelly Heard's writing is exquisite, her story beautifully told. I was drawn in from page one until done. --Kerry Lonsdale, Wall Street Journal & Washington Post bestselling author

Like Barbara Kingsolver, Heard understands and loves this land. She writes about the Blue Ridge Mountains with a lyrical reverence that they deserve...If this is her first book, then Heard will eventually take her place beside the giants of Appalachian Lit, including Kingsolver, Lee Smith, and Sharyn McCrumb." -- Ana K. Wrenn, author of Strange Attractors (2022)


Praise for The Girl I Thought I Knew

The Girl I Thought I Knew is a captivating read that will have you completely immersed as secrets are exposed in the lead up to the thrilling conclusion that I did not see coming. It is a story of loss, love and how past relationships can shape a person in the present. It was an absolute pleasure to read and review The Girl I Thought I Knew which I highly recommend. -- Marnie H., Netgalley Reviewer

This book has so many layers of nuance and strong characters with complicated relationships. Daisy is deeply damaged from a tragic even when she was a child and has been fleeing from the shadow of that her entire life. Firmly ensconced with Anderson who rescued her many years before she spends much time never looking back. When a shocking wedding invitation arrives from a former friend turned betrayer Daisy has her life upended. She will have to discover how sometimes you have to face your demons to make them disappear. An enthralling story about life and its complications. -- Jackie W., Netgalley Reviewer


Praise for The Silent Girl

Kelly Heard knows the landscape of the human heart as well as she knows the landscape of The American South, and she loves both, the dark spaces, the scarred areas, and sun-dappled places. In SILENT GIRL, Kelly Heard has risen to Southern Gothic royalty. Her twists and turns are like mountain roads, taking the reader through a narrative terrain that is lush in parts, haunting in others. In her latest book, Heard keeps the ultimate destination a mystery but carves out such a spine-tingling route that the reader willingly continues on. Along the way, we meet a fascinating cast of characters, people who feel real, reflecting the quaint hominess of The American South, and an uglier underbelly. Deftly, Kelly Heard creates a world, plot, and characters that linger long after the last sentence of the last page. The title may be SILENT GIRL, but this book won’t leave readers silent; their brains will be chattering beyond the book’s ending.  -- Ana K. Wrenn, Author of Strange Attractors

Buckle up and hold on tight because Kelly Heard is going to take you on a rollercoaster ride in The Silent Girl!! WOW!! I was totally intrigued at the beginning of the book but-WOW-did she throw many curveballs I was flabbergasted about!! This must read book is intense, thrilling, shocking, and suspenseful. -- Heidi Lynn Book Reviews

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