praise for The Silent Girl

The Silent Girl is an engaging and thrilling read, filled with dark suspense and even a bit of spookiness. What is more is that the twists and turns in this book really caught me by surprise. While reading this book, there was no doubt that Sophie would eventually regain her memory, especially due to the fact that she was nearly murdered. The road to these discoveries proved to be shocking, thus leading to a tension filled ending that had me on the edge of my seat. -- Robin Loves Reading Book Reviews

Buckle up and hold on tight because Kelly Heard is going to take you on a rollercoaster ride in The Silent Girl!! WOW!! I was totally intrigued at the beginning of the book but-WOW-did she throw a many curveballs I was flabbergasted about!! This must read book is intense, thrilling, shocking, and suspenseful. -- Heidi Lynn Book Reviews

Kelly Heard knows the landscape of the human heart as well as she knows the landscape of The American South, and she loves both, the dark spaces, the scarred areas, and sun-dappled places. In SILENT GIRL, Kelly Heard has risen to Southern Gothic royalty. Her twists and turns are like mountain roads, taking the reader through a narrative terrain that is lush in parts, haunting in others. In her latest book, Heard keeps the ultimate destination a mystery but carves out such a spine-tingling route that the reader willingly continues on. Along the way, we meet a fascinating cast of characters, people who feel real, reflecting the quaint hominess of The American South, and an uglier underbelly. Deftly, Kelly Heard creates a world, plot, and characters that linger long after the last sentence of the last page. The title may be SILENT GIRL, but this book won’t leave readers silent; their brains will be chattering beyond the book’s ending.  -- Ana K. Wrenn, author of Strange Attractors (2022)